Meet The Team

Team Champion cyclists, strong and committed riders, the best trainers and great supporters from Uganda and the Netherlands are all part of the Kampala Cycling team.

Kampala Cycling has proven itself in recent years. The team will be accompanied by a Ugandan and Dutch foundation and bestuur.Topsport and grassroots with the love for the sport is kampala Cycling. The force resulting from such investments in the cycling social opportunities for its members. Without fans we will get nowhere. The club was created by gifts and opportunities given.

De hoofdsupporters zijn: - Jij, - KNWU, proud of the support from the largest cycling family in the Netherlands - Karel Bennenbroek, (Ride Karel, ride!) - Dennis, Dennis, you gave us wings! - Ingo Tenbucken, drumsandbikes, Marion is now even faster.. - Jamillah en Conrad, it's exactly right! 


  • vlag2
  • 1. Ayebale Marion
  • 2. Nakabuye Jovia
  • 3. Kisakye Carol
  • 4. Nabisere Zubedah
  • 5. Nabukwasi Sharuwa
  • 6. Nakalema Mitchell
  • 7. Mirembe Ruth
  • 8. Namujuzi Olivia
  • 9. Nsangi Esther
  • 10. Nakalema Annet
  • 11. Namulondo Jane
  • 12. Mirembe Hawa

  • 1. Kibirige Cosma
  • 2. Kateregga Emmanuel
  • 3. Ssebunya Jonathan
  • 4. Agote Kevin
  • 5. Sserubiri Derrick
  • 6. Ssewakiryanga Hussein
  • 7. Nsamba Abasi
  • 8. Kirumira Kenneth
  • 9. Kasendwa Vicent
  • 10. Kivumbi Bosco
  • 11. Ssempala Ipolito
  • 12. Winkyi Junior
  • 13. Mubiru James
  • 14. Mutebi Shafik
  • 15. Kituuka Godfrey
  • 16. Nsubuga Yasin
  • 17. Ssenyonha Sharif
  • 18. Lugwana Tom
  • 19. Kambugu Yusufu
  • 20. Kawagga Godwin

  • 1. Yusufu Mbaziira (coach)
  • 2. Emma Kateregga (coach)
  • 3. Marion Ayebale (coach assistant)
  • 4. Namulondo Jane (coach assistant)
  • 5. Mirembe Hawa (coach assistant)
















Who can join?  Are you someone who enjoys cycling and works / lives / or spends time in Uganda? If so, you are welcome to join us. You are assured an unforgettable experience. Sign up with our head coach Yusufu.



The Rules

If you want to become a member of our cycling club:

  • 1 – You have to go to school (if you are of school age);
  • 2 – Volunteer at one of our schools (if you are an adult);
  • 3 – Help tune and maintain the bikes of the club;
  • 4 – Show off  your club jersey whenever possible;
  • 5 – Participate in local competitions;
  • 6 – Be open to sharing in new experiences;
  • 7 – Celebrate each other’s achievements (particularly when Diplomas are earned)
  • 8 - Become a Champion and inspire others to do the same.











Bike Messengers

The fastest couriers in Africa

Need something delivered? Call or email us with the following information:

What is the pick-up address?

Who is the contact person?

Where should it be delivered?

When is the desired delivery time and date?

What time is the package ready to be picked up?

How big is the package and how much does it weigh?


Bread runs Route Service Mail/Parcel Delivery Service Emergency service

Special Discount:

Customers of the Bike Messenger service have a 50% discount on the special Saturday Kampala Experience.

Why Bike Messaging?

Most of us want to ride our bikes all day. But most of us need to work for a living. Bike Messaging offers the rare possibility (outside of the Pro Peloton) of doing both. The earnings from Bike Messaging will go back into the Cycling Club.

Tourist Rides

Kampala Experience

An unforgettable opportunity to experience Kampala from a unique vantage point. Starting from the city, cruise through cheerful neighborhoods on small streets until quickly finding yourself in open spaces surrounded by coffee fields.

Guiding you on your tour will be the best local cyclists from the Kampala Cycling Club and organised under our chief tour guide Marion’s supervision. Marion is herself a Ugandan National Champion cyclist and the first female participant from Uganda in the Commonwealth games.

The tour offers our guides an opportunity to show their city off. The asphalt of the city soon gives way to less busy dirt tracks that wind through green valleys. It is an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the quiet beauty of the surrounding countryside.

The distance of the ride isn’t important, cycling offers you the freedom to experience Uganda in ways you never thought possible. Imagine yourself sipping Ugandan style coffee in the fields of a coffee plantation while also enjoying a picnic of sandwiches and fruit after having travelled there on your own power by bicycle. Good Times!

Uganda is the source of the Nile and the Pearl of Africa. Kampala is its beating heart. By bike you will get the full experience. Don’t be afraid to get closer to the local people and to nature – you’ll like what you find.


09:30 Reception of champions at the Kampala Cycling Club’s clubhouse in Kampala.

09:45 Description of the tour route, distribution of the Merida mountain bikes, and safety instructions for those new to cycling. (Bikes will be adjusted to fit all sizes and riding preferences).

10:00 We start. The three guides per group and no more than 12 participants (that’s one guide for every four cyclists). We all ride together and stick to the small streets until we reach the big wide open of rural Kampala.

11.30 Coffee break and lunch. In a coffee field enjoying Kampala style coffee and sandwichs for lunch.

1215 Back on the bikes, testing yourself on the city’s famous hills.

13.00 Water break in small village (and a chance to experience rural life).

14.00 End of tour! Back at the clubhouse you’ll get a tasty treat and a group photo to commemorate the experience.


Being thoughtful stewards of the environment and of the bicycles is very important to us. These bikes are our livelihood so please return them in the same shape that we gave them to you – love them the bikes the way you yourself want to be loved.

Our tours cater to experienced cyclists as well as those who are simply comfortable on two wheels. Our guides are equipped with First Aid packs, mobile phones and sound local knowledge of their environment.
The total distance of the tour is about 30 km. The route may change during the tour. It is an accommodating tour but some cycling experience is required. Distance and speed is not important! We focus on the enjoyment of riding. The price is 25 dollars per person:

Including: coaching top riders, good mountain bike with disc brakes and suspension fork, coffee on the way to lunch, mineral water, and tasty snack.


Jaap Viergever

Ex-pro cyclist

Jacques Helderop


Michael Vingerling

Pro cyclist

Thorwald Veneberg

Ex-pro cyclist












Tour the Kampala great succes

Tour the Kampala great succes

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Local hero

Local hero

Marion is a local hero. The four time Uganda champion showed the power of cycling and the power of sports. She used this strenght to improve changes for woman, young children and her own. The champion has know a good job on here local school. She wo...Read More »
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Kampala Cycling p/a Lubya Youth ManPower Development Agency Chairman: Mbaziira Yusufu P.O. Box 30039 Kampala Uganda E yusufu@kampalacycling.com M +256-772561748 I www.kampalacycling.com

Registration Registered with the district of Kampala (Kampala City Council) as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) Reg.No. LUB/108.

Bank account details Account holder’s name: Lubya Youth Manpower Development Agency Bank: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited Address: P.O. Box 7131, Kampala, Uganda Account Number: 0121017874201 Transit Number: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited - Nakivubo Branch Swift Code: SBICUGKX

Kampala Cycling - Europe office Stichting Kampala Cycling Nederland p/a KNWU Secretary: Thorwald Veneberg Wattbaan 31-49 3439 ML Nieuwegein the Netherlands E thorwald.veneberg@knwu.nl M +31-657320271 I www.kampalacycling.nl

Registration Registered at the The Hague Chamber of Commerce, file number 50650769. Fiscal number: 8228 57 285

Bank account details NL71RABO0146497198 at Rabobank The Hague