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Kampala Cycling provides cycling activities to support the development of individuals and their communities. The activities consists of provision of training programs, participation in (inter)national and local races, and the distribution of cycling equipment. To maintain a high quality of the activities Kampala Cycling is focusing on training of and maximum support to her coaches and other volunteers.

Kampala Cycling is a project by Lubya Youth ManPower Development Agency (LYMPDA). LYMPDA is a Community Based Organization that uses the power of Sport and Play to affect behavioral change and to enhance a healthier community development.

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  1. -07.01.14: Annual report of KC Netherlands is out, read more here.

  2. -22.12.13: successful finish Tour de Kampala 2013, read more here.

  3. -04.10.13: Tour de Kampala stage 3 report! Read more here.

  4. -25.09.13: Kampala Cycling sweeps prizes, read more here.

  5. -12.09.13: Successful ride Karel Bennenbroek, read more here.

  6. -16.06.13: Charity ride Karel Bennenbroek, read more here.

  7. -25.02.13: Tour de Kampala stage 1 report! Read more here.

  8. -13.02.13: Join Cycling Tour in the Netherlands! Read more here.

  9. -24.10.12: Thorwald Veneberg in Kampala, read more here.

  10. -21.09.12: special design Kampala Cycling bike, read more here.

  11. -08.09.12: Successful final edition of B2B Cycling Tour, read more here.

  12. -08.08.12: Coach level 2 training course, read more here.

  13. -19.07.12: bronze for KC at National Champs, read more here.

  14. -15.07.12: Team Kampala Cycling NL in TourDuJour, read more here.

  15. -30.06.12: Team Kampala Cycling NL in TourDuJour on 13 July 2012.

  16. -30.06.12: Report from Kwita Izina Cycling Tour, read more here.

  17. -17.04.12: Results from Chixc Ladies Race, read more here.

  18. -25.03.12: Big start of Bike Africa in Kampala, read more here.

  19. -25.03.12: Dutch KNWU collects cycling material, read more here.

  20. -25.03.12: Results of Memorial Race, read more here.

  21. -13.11.11: Kampala Cycling & Bike Africa join forces, read more here.

  22. -09.09.11: Business2Business Tour big success, read more here.

  23. -12.08.11: Invitation to Kampala Cycling B2B Tour, read more here.

  24. -05.08.11: Successful recruitment in Western Uganda, read more here.

  25. -04.07.11: Mid 2011 progress report, read more here.

  26. -12.06.11: Shipment from Holland has arrived, read more here.

  27. -03.06.11: Results from Kampala Cycling Grand Prix, read more here.

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