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At Kampala Cycling we believe in a society in which the community is empowered with skills and knowledge, and people have equal opportunities and rights. We use cycling to develop the character and to uplift the status of children and youth enabling them to unfold their potential and to break through poverty.

Kampala Cycling provides cycling training & races, courier services, cycling tours, a bike workshop and sports programs at schools. We also lead campaigns where we work with other development organizations in promoting the use of bikes and the creation of safe roads.


From Monday 23rd May to Sunday 5th June 2022, Kampala Cycling will operate two bike share stations along the non-motorised transport corridor. The stations are located at either end of the NMT corridor: at Namirembe road and at Luwum street.

Come rent a bike from us and run your errands in the city faster or just tour they city on a bike. This pilot is part of Kampala Capital City Authority’s efforts to promote non- motorized transport in Kampala. It is supported by World Resources Institute through the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety.

For further inquiries please contact Yusufu Mbaziira at:

M +256-772561748



If you like cycling and work, live or spend time in Uganda, then you are welcome to join us. You are assured of an unforgettable experience while riding with others and learning all about cycling. All trainings start from the clubhouse at the crossing of Masiro Road and Nabulagala Road.

We support ambitious cyclists to improve their performance level and to participate in training camps and races in Uganda and abroad. We also organise races in our own community such as the annual Tour de Kampala.

To sign up contact master coach Yusufu Mbaziira at:

M +256-772561748

W +256-759311237



Kampala Cycling Couriers is one of the best bike messenger companies in Africa. We offer a very competitive delivery price for companies and organizations in Kampala. Our delivery times are not influenced by heavy traffic or bad weather. We make deliveries in the city faster than cars can. Whatever the size of the package there is always a solution.

Kampala Cycling Couriers enables talented athletes to earn a living as a bike messenger and to train at the same time. Revenues are also used to enable activities of Kampala Cycling Club. Last but not least the bike messengers contribute to less air pollution.

To book a delivery contact the bike messengers at:

M +256-794783354



Kampala Cycling Tours offers recreational and adventure cycling tours to private individuals and groups, companies and organizations. The tours are conducted by prominent athletes of Kampala Cycling who have the experience and expertise as tour guides. Our tours can take you through the city of Kampala, the countryside or a combination of both.

We always make sure that we have service points along the road to provide for refreshments and to secure hygiene and safety. We also rent out the right bike for your tour experience and helmets for your safety. Our Kampala Bike Workshop offers high-quality repair services.

To book a tour contact Yusufu Mbaziira at:

M +256-772561748

W +256-759311237


Kampala Cycling Tour (for everybody, one day)

The best local cyclists and champions from the Kampala Cycling Club guide us on the Kampala Cycling Tour. This tour offers an opportunity to see the city and the country’s natural beauty. We will experience the hustle and bustle of the city but also enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Along the tour the asphalt of the city will give way to less busy dirt tracks that wind through green valleys. Speed and distance of the ride aren’t important. Cycling offers us freedom. We will experience Uganda’s vegetation and enjoy the unforgettable mango fruits.

The Royal Palace Tour (for fit cyclists, from 2 to 5 days)

The route runs through the heart of Buganda reaching the well-known World Heritage Sites of the Famous Buganda Kings where they were made to rest. With this tour, all eyes are focused to the Great Kabakas of Buganda and the Buganda culture contribution to the present national development. We drive from the ancient years to the present including the history of 36 Kabakas of Buganda and their palaces, colonial periods and the early history of humanity. The duration of the Royal Palace Tour can be adjusted to the needs of our clients and reaches from 2 to 5 days.

Tour De Nile Trail (for fit cyclists, one week)

The Nile River is the leitmotif of this itinerary that explores the central part of Uganda from South to North and vice versa, a ring route with start and finish in the capital Kampala. From Kampala the route heads straight north to Murchison, the famous National Park crossed by the Nile river. A day off in the park we descend towards the south until we reach the northern shore of Lake Victoria and the sources of the Nile River. Here another day of rest is expected during which we do the exciting experience of rafting along the Nile before returning to Kampala.

Tour De Savannah Trail (for advanced cyclists, one week)

This itinerary is a concentration of emotions. The route runs from the South to the North in the western part of the country, near the border with Rwanda and Congo, in the middle of the equatorial area. You will ride through a beautiful landscape characterized mainly by tropical forest, green hills, mountains, lakes, splendid panoramic views and savannah. You will cross national parks and reserves where you will have the opportunity to ride near the exotic animals and visit gorillas and chimpanzees. The fairly demanding itinerary requires adequate physical preparation.


At the Kampala Bike Workshop, we repair bikes of all kinds. We also sell bikes and parts to the local communities, rent out bikes, build frames and recycle. It is our goal to partner with established brands for representation and sales in Eastern and Central Africa.

We deliver our services and sell products at our workshop and online. You’ll find the Kampala Bike Workshop in Kampala at the crossroad of Masiro Road and Nabulagala Road.

For all inquiries on the bike
workshop contact Yusufu Mbaziira at:

M +256-772561748

W +256-759311237



The Junior School project uses the power of sport and play to promote the inclusion of children – especially the girls – in sport, to provide positive role models to children and to empower communities to offer girls new opportunities to learn skills and to develop confidence. It increases healthy lifestyle behavior and promotes respect, inclusion and cooperation.

Kampala Cycling is also supporting disadvantaged children and youth across the country to offer them equal opportunities like other children. We provide them with basic education for a holistic child development and with basic school needs including tuition fees, uniforms, books and food.

For all inquiries on Junior School
project contact Yusufu Mbaziira at:

M +256-772561748

W +256-759311237



Kampala Cycling contact
P.O. Box 30039

Contact person
Yusufu Mbaziira (master coach)
T +256-772561748
W +256-759311237

Kampala Cycling

Kampala Cycling is a registered member of Uganda Cycling Association and Project by LYMPDA Cycling Academy an establishment of Lubya Youth ManPower Development Agency (LYMPDA) a Community Based Organisation Reg.No: LUB/108, located in Rubaga Division of Kampala, Uganda.

Bank account

Account Number: 0121017874201
Account holder’s name: Lubya Youth Manpower Development Agency
Bank: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited, P.O. Box 7131, Kampala, Uganda
Transit Number: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited – Nakivubo Branch
Swift Code: SBICUGKX

Kampala Cycling Europe

Stichting Kampala Cycling Nederland, p/a KNWU
Papendallaan 49, 6816 VD, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Jorrit Kiewik (secretary)

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague (The Netherlands)
Registration number: 50650769
Fiscal number: 8228 57 285
Bank account
IBAN number: NL71RABO0146497198